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"america's news room will follow "fox & friends" in about 15 seconds. >> brian: right. you're going to stick around for bret, and bill and martha. the ball is yours bill: breaking news from watertown, massachusetts. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer as our coverage continues here near copley square downtown boston, the back bay. near the scene of the explosion monday afternoon. now we have confirmation. if you're just joining us or waking us this morning, suspect number one, age 26 with roots out of chechnya and russia is dead. suspect number two said to be his 19-year-old property is still at the moment on the loose. there is massive manhunt around the city and surrounding communities in and around watertown, massachusetts, to find that 19-year-old and to take him into custody. again i'm bill hemmer. i welcome my colleague
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martha maccallum also with us from new york. martha, good morning it you. martha: good morning bill. good morning everybody. we know so much more this morning than yesterday at this time, certainly. you see on the right-hand side of the screen who we know were properties. the one on the right is thought to be the leader in this. the 26-year-old brother tamarlin. we believe this is a pick sure of. jokar as a younger boy. you wonder where the radical nature began of these two young men of chechen decent. they went into the region as young boys. we know more about the education of the younger one on your screen. boston is it in complete lockdown. taxis are not going any in.
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they believe he they have him in a cordoned off area. the city of boston is it literally paralyzed as we wait and watch for resolution and apprehension of that young man. bill: really the whole story picked up steam at last night at 5:00 when the fbi put out the images of these two bombing suspects. screen right is the latest image that was released overnight last night. martha, it is striking how obvious and plain they are to see their entire face, almost without concealment, with the exception of the sunglasses on suspect number one, aged 26. suspect number two, makes very little effort to conceal his identity in these images. 5:00 the images came out. 10:00 last night a robbery takes place at a 7-eleven in cambridge, massachusetts,
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near the m.i.t. campus. that is only half a mile from our location at the end of this image line. they're moving media back. perhaps they're getting better for another briefing. it was that robbery that took place that set the police on their trail. moments later of a reports of a hijacked mercedes suv. that pulled into a gas station, refilled for gasoline. that is when the police trail got super hot on these two. it led to a chase all the way to watertown massachusetts, eventually in the death of the 26-year-old. we hope at the moment the apprehension of the 19-year-old, martha. martha: we can see on the left-hand side of everybody's screen here that they pushed the media back once again. we saw a pouring out of the area of a lot of the fbi that has been on the scene. we expect we may hear something from them shortly. right now what we're seeing is yet another pushback from this cordoned off area as we try to get a real handle on what the connection is with this block in watertown, and
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why the chase began from there last night. and once again police arrived on the scene this morning. we saw one woman came out of this white building on a very sort of middle class block in watertown, massachusetts. she came out. there was a flag outside the house that appeared to have yellow tape on it, american flag with yellow tape on it. what the meaning of that may or may not be, we don't know at this point. it does appear people around here, we heard shots fired about 20 minutes ago, but they are in a fairly relaxed posture right now, the police and fbi officials on the scene right now. we wait for more information about what may or may not have happened and whether or not they have gotten anywhere on this block, bill. bill: also, martha, we have an mit officer who'' dead. we have a wounded officer now being treated at a hospital said to be in critical condition, age 33. the transit authority here asking for prayers, quote,
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please pray for our hero officer richard donahue's recovery. that is the wounded officer being treated at a local hospital. also, 1:30 in the morning police say the suspects threw explosives from their car as the police pursued the two from watertown or rather into watertown, that is a town of 32,000, ten miles west of the back bay here in boston. 1:35 p.m., police announce suspect number one appeared dead. appeared to have shrapnel in his body. doctors say he had too many bullet wounds for them to count. that is the note that went out at 5:30. police confirmed two involved in the m.i.t. shooting and watertown shootout were the boston marathon suspects. that was only five hours ago. it was about that time when the image you see became public. that was something that was not released from the fbi yesterday. massachusetts governor deval
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patrick suspending all public transportation. the buses aren't running. the trains aren't running. and people in and around these areas are told to stay where they are until further notice, martha. that is where we a. martha: one of the wig guess where these young men may have received their training. perhaps they never left this country to get the training they had to build those bombs. they were in some ways rudimentary in their construction. pressure cooker, nails inside, ball bearings all those sorts of things. jennifer griffin pointing out
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by. >> this is facebook page of the younger suspect on the lose. dzhokhar tsnaraev. and the he is states a few things that are of interest. first of all he says he is muslim on his face book page. second of all it is easy to find out on the internet that he attended cambridge latin, that is a prestigious public school as he mentioned before, many, many well-known stars including ben affleck attended that high school. he was a wrestler. he received a lot of accolades from the city. in fact he received $2500 in scholarship we're told from, when he was graduating from high school.
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it appears if he may have been a student in boss ton. his brother, tamarlin, who is 26, and who was killed this evening, he was a student on and off from 2006 to 2006 and 2008 at various community colleges it appears from research we've done into his background. it is not clear, when did they get radicalized? certainly interesting their heritage is chechnyan, but that doesn't completely make sense in terms why one would want to attack united states. chech chance -- chechnyans. principally have russians as their enemy. brian kilmeade was the brother, 26-year-old brother wanted to be a boxer on the u.s. olympic team. something doesn't add up unless these things were done to look like typical american high school college student who wanted to fight in the olympics for the u.s.
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and, maybe they thought that's why they could walk around boston just hours after the attack and remain days after the attack so close to the scene of the attack. >> yeah, jennifer, you look at the way they walked into that bomb scene that morning on that video. as has been pointed out many times, very little attempt to disguise themselves, especially the younger brother, dzhokar, his face is seen on the picture everybody is looking at right now. you know obviously that is there is so much more to this story. how these young men became radicalized. where they got the training. whether or not anybody else in their family was aware what they were up to. when you look and scan for their names on social media, there are a number of people in the cambridge area who share the last name. whether or not they're related. we don't know at this point. no doubt police will want to speak to them as well. really one. biggest question that
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remains right now is where is dzhokar. is he alive or not? is he planning or part of any potential of any second wave? we do know they threw explosives out the window last night as they were chased by the police. there was shrapnel found in the bodythe older brother, when he went to the hospital. you ask yourself this younger brother what is going through his mind if indeed, the older brother was the leader in all of this, now that he is out there on his own? >> reporter: well it is interesting, martha because we also heard reports through the police that there were signs of, of either, some sign that there were parts of a pressure cooker at the scene where the older brother tamarlin was killed. does that mean he was carrying a pressure cooker bomb that was going to be set somewhere? did it go off in the end? was that partially the reason he was killed?
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we heard from federal authorities looking closely into idea these two brothers may have been trained militarily overseas. suggesting they may have gone somewhere to some of the known sort of war zones for training. they're looking for that very closely. that will help us to understand. on one hand, they were able, anyone can go on the internet and build those pressure cooker bombs they put together, but the way they blaved tonight with the kind of armaments they had and willingness to fight, these were pretty hardened fighters in the end. martha: heavily armed according to these reports. jennifer, thank you. the big question still remains, one of many is how the younger brother got away during that shootout last night? did he run on foot? we really don't have any information on that as of right now. jennifer, i know you will be with us throughout the program this morning.
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we'll hand it now back to bill in boston. bill? bill: yeah, martha, this 19-year-old, this 19-year-old man put an explosive down on a street next to an 8-year-old child. his name is martin richard. he is dead today as a result. a 23-year-old chinese student studying here in boston university is dead as a result. a 29-year-old american woman who was just at the finish line at that moment, at 2:50 local time on monday afternoon, she is dead as a result. 160 people wounded. some of them without legs. forced amputations. that is something that the wounded will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives. when you think about the location and geography where we are, this is boylston street. you can look over my shoulder you can see the finish line down the city, down that city street where the car is moving across. there is a makeshift
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memorial set up there. based on reporting we have, vaster and main, if this holds up. vaster and main is just across the charles river. the explosions occurred 2:50 local time. just to the left the bottom graphic on the bomb explosions. you look at the possible get away. you look to the street and head toward the m.i.t. campus. that's where we believe the next time these two men were spotted were last night ten: 30 eastern time. from there the clays went further west into watertown, massachusetts where mike tobin is standing by with an update >> reporter: we have officers with m-4s at the
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ready conducting searches from the mall. the mall is a giant staging area. you heard the press conference where governor deval patrick spoke here. he said this would be a massive manhunt. every available asset would be debt qaed the to it. every asset dedicated is behind me here in this giant staging area. we've seen throughout the day, busloads, city busloads of police officers from apparently every municipality being dumped off in this parking lot where they stay and work in waves. going past right now, another column of motorcycle-mounted police officers. we watch them come and go throughout the day. we have seen state troopers arriving here. we have a rather large column of humvees with military police arriving at this location. some appeared to me to be up-armored humvee. they had military police steps i would on the side. a large column of that. they're planning to bring all manpower to the scene.
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make sure they're well-fed and make sure they're well-hydrated and make sure they can supplement all the staff working inside the combat zone if you will right now. that is the area where the helicopter is hovering. helicopter is focusing on one specific area here. when the governor spoke here he mentioned the m.i.t. campus police officer who was killed. he also mentioned the transit officer who was wounded who is now gravely injured at the st. auburn hospital. but he made brief mention of those. you saw the governor and the police officers and the police commissioner come out here and really focus on that one basic message, that is the city is in lockdown. people need to rehe can if -- respect the threat out there. shelter in place. don't get out an the street. don't become another casualty. there is one very dangerous individual they're looking for. they labeled him a terrorist. they believe all along he is armed and dangerous. he showed throughout the evening he is armed and
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dangerous willing to harm people with this dramatic event throwing bombs from a car, distributing bombs around this little town, bill. bill: mike, one of the biggest clues for police was last night at 10:30 when these two men carjacked a man driving a mercedes-benz suv that man is okay. he was scared to death for his own life but he is all right. it was after that mercedes-benz carjacked that the police really hot on their trail. molly line says they brought the mercedes-benz by her location in watertown a short time ago. she, remarked the back windows were shot out and there were several bullet holes insight the mercedes much has that come by your location, mike? that is the first question. >> reporter: no. bill: as the police officers walk away from the home in watertown, are they exiting where you are or not? >> reporter: you know they're both going in both directions and they're going with a good clip, a good head of steam particuarlyly
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going that way, that is the way further into town. that is the way further into the search area. that is the way closer to the combat zone. i show you where a lot of attention has been focused. if we get a shot of the helicopter i hear overhead. there it is, pete. kind of tough for you to get a shot of it. a lot of attention is a short distance over griff jenkins's location. we see the officers going into that direction, with a good clip a good head of steam as they're headed off there. there is great haste. they seem to rest here. they seem to supplement. they get a chance to rehydrate. that is kind of standard practice. when they say they will throw every available asset at the problem they do that but they make sure that they have got fresh, well-rested officers, bill. bill: thank you mike. mike tobin is watertown. tam a lan is dead. dzhokhar tsnaraev his
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brother is dead. number one suspect is dead. number two on the loose somewhere in there in watertown, massachusetts. the are moving throughout the city they headed down the street here with sirens blazing. a lot of data and a lot of information we're told is coming in right now as police and the fbi and every law enforcement authority tries to sort through the information here in boston today, martha. >> bill, details have been coming in fast an furious this morning. let's go over what we know right now. there is a massive manhunt currently underway for one. suspects, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsnaraev who is believed to be a terrorist. believed to be heavily armed and dangerous at this hour as police are in pursuit of this, of this known to be terrorist
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all public schools, including m.i.t., emerson and harvard, shut down this morning. they're telling everybody stay right where you are. all the transportation is shut down and residents in surrounding area are advised to stay in their homes as well. gretchen carlson has been covering this throughout the course of the morning and she is with us now. gretchen. >> good morning to you, martha. i'm looking at ap wire right now. they have been in touch with the father of the suspects in russia this morning. he described his 26-year-old son tamerlan who had been killed, somebody who is smart. his younger one who is on the run, dzhokar, a second year medical student of the according to ap and according to the father in russia. he is such an intelligent
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boy. he expected them to come here on holidays. according to ap they spoke to the father that the younger son who is on the run, police may be honing on now in watertown, massachusetts may have been a medical student in the united states. his father said he was expecting him to come home on the holidays. one other thing i would like to note after all the hours of coverage this morning, much was made of the first initial shots we're seeing on the screen of the base ball caps on the suspected terrorists now how they were trying to americanize themselves. now they have been up to the country for ten years they were technically americanized. i think much discussion in the coming days, what will we call these terrorists? will we call them domestic terrorists? or will we still call them foreign terrorists? martha? martha: good point. as you just mentioned, his father who is in, in russia, is now talking about his
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sons and clearly, this younger son, believed to be a terrorist with his brother. bill: main suspect in the massacre of two people, three people at the boston marathon, an m.i.t. police officer and another one has undergone surgery and they hope they san save his life. a very, very interesting development coming out of russia. the father's take on these two young men. the question resurfaces once again, what happened here? how did this young men, at least one of which had taken advantage of some of the finest education that the united states has to offer find themselves terrorists in a country that had become at least for the last ten years their home, bill? bill: yeah, martha, great point there too. you think about what federal authorities have been doing here for the past five days ever since the bombs went off on monday afternoon. the national counterterrorism unit has been a part of this as well, sorting through this information, trying to figure out what is right and
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what is misinformation. bret baier is back with us out of washington. talk a bit more about the washington angle on all this, bret. it will be extensive because no matter how this turns out with suspect number two, whether he goes on the run for a while or whether he takes his own life or whether he dies in a shootout here and any one of those three options i think are still a possible outcome, there will still be a long and intense investigation to figure out what can we learn in order to prevent the possibility of this happening yet again. by the way, bret, the reason why this image is on the screen. this is what the police put out at 4:00 a.m. eastern time. this was not part of the photographic dump from last night. this is actually in my view, the best picture we have seen to date of these two killers. dzhokhar tsnaraev on the left in the white hat who they're looking for.
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he may have an explosive vest. he may have explosives on his person. obviously considered armed and dangerous what we've seen over the past 12 hours with boston pd and mit fer as you mentioned. capitol hill. the national counterterrorism center, as you can imagine monitor all things, lawmakers, different committees, are getting briefed on all details about this investigation. it is important to know that, while there is a lot of material out there on social media for both of these men, you don't know what is real and what isn't. so we have to be careful about some of these sites that are popping up or that, you know, if you google their name, it comes up with something for these two men at those names. but some of them tied directly to them. authorities believe one of
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the sites tarred to tamerlan tsarnaev tied to youtube video has emergence of black flags. that is key part of jihadist mythology, al qaeda's main publication for afghanistan, pakistan, is named van guards, shorthand. the myth that muslims will win the first battle against their enemies beginning of armageddon in corazon, afghanistan, pakistan, parts of iran and central asia. and the last battle will be fought. this does not make them al qaeda but perhaps they sympathize or at least tamerlan did with that cause. we're being cautious here. it is a link on a page. there are number of links on a page authorities believe was tied to tamerlan. they are looking at all of
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this. it they're also seeing that perhaps the 26-year-old was in fact more of a leader in this. and the 19-year-old less of one. we talked about, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsnaraev coming to the country with family in roughly 2002, maybe early 2003. we can't confirm when tamerlan came into the country. it may be a separate time, actually. we also can't confirm whether these two men may have exited the country to do overseas training because that is a phrase, as jennifer griffin mentioned earlier that continues to come up with law enforcement authorities, overseas training, overnight and over the past few days. >> great point. that is a great point there, bret. thank you for adding that too because that is some of the mystery of the story. how does this murderous scheme, how does this get
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hatched? i agree with your observation, if you look at the video that came out yesterday the older brother is leading the younger brother or the younger brother is following the older brother. he looked like the captain of that killer team. if you just look at the video as they round the corner and head over to the first location where they dropped off bomb number one and followed by bomb number two. the fbi told us yesterday they do not have evidence of the drop-off of first explosion but they did have evidence of the drop-off of the second explosion which was the work of the younger brother, age 19. in the past hour here are the developments. 8:18 eastern time authorities identified a transit police officer injured in the shooting with suspects. he is now in the hospital, listed in critical condition. 8:21 eastern time, am, law enforcement official confirms the name and relationship of the two suspects as brothers.
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8:29, a.m., the faa closes airspace over watertown, massachusetts. logan airport remains open and open for now. bret, what is the expected develop mane we should likely see through washington throughout the day? it seems to me at the moment that police are pulling back. they're trying to figure out what happens next here in boston. as i say that, it's important to point out, we don't have cameras everywhere. and certainly we don't know what's happening outside of the view of the camera. >> that is exactly right. obviously much of boston, watertown, the surrounding areas still locked down. it is an armed and dangerous man. they're concerned about public safety. here in washington, people are being according to u.s. official and, headed to white house now to brief directly on latest developments to the boston bombings? we heard homeland security advisor had been keeping him up-to-date with
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all the details overnight. as i mentioned lawmakers are getting as much as they can too. the key thing, first of all, obviously as you talk about the public safety on the ground and what is happening to try to find him in the hunt. then figuring out where else this goes? is it just these two guys? are there other things happening inside the u.s. where else does it tie back to? it is possible they all came together in the country in, then when did the radicalization happen? it is hard to believe a sleeper cell goes back that far but it's possible. so those are all questions you're going to have and authorities are going to have starting today. bill: bret as you're talking, mike levine, justice department sends this out. according to u.s. official, attorney general holder, fbi director mueller are headed to the white house now, perhaps, headed to the
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white house to believe the president on latest developments related to the boston bombings. bret, thank you. stand by in washington, d.c. when there are developments out of washington we'll bring you back. screen left is watertown, massachusetts. that along elm street. could be any street in america. just about every town in america has an elm street in it, including watertown, massachusetts where the focus of the country has now been placed. we wait for a briefing here. the latest word out of there. and here in boston as well. martha? martha: if you're just joining us there are a number of big developments in the search and the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. here is what we know right now. one officer from m.i.t. was shot to death by these suspects as he sat in his patrol car. another transit officer was wounded trying to apprehend these subjects. we understand he has
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undergone surgery this morning. we're awaiting more information on his condition. the city of watertown is on lockdown. residents are told to stay indoors. this young man on the round, this terrorist who is believed to be out there might try to seek shelter. they want to prevent any sort of hostage-taking situation. they want everybody to hunker down, stay exactly where they are. a lot of public offices and all the public transportation systems are shut down right now in the city of boston. we do know the name of the suspect who is on the loose now. so much more specific today than we have before. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsnaraev, grew up as a young boy in russia. we traced him around the age of 9 educated in russia near chechnya. we have reporters covering all aspects of this story. bill hemmer once again live in boston as he has been throughout the night. mike tobin on scene there since the beginning of this
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in nearby watertown where so much focus and s.w.a.t. team presence has been this morning. jennifer griffin covering all the angles from the military and intelligence background on this for us. bret baier keeping an eye what is going on in capitol hill. the briefings of the president we learned about by fbi director robert mull per -- mueller and ag holder. i want to go to a phone call from brian cole. lives in watertown. a witness to the shootout that happened last night and witness to the boston marathon attack on monday. brian, you've been through quite a bit in your neighborhood. tell us what is going on now, sir? >> it has been quite the week to say the least. right now, i can hear the helicopters overhead but there are about, we're less than a mile where i'm at currently. it all started last night. i heard the explosion. i live on mount auburn
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street and it was a familiar sound i guess after monday's event. so i knew bad things were about to happen i guess. it just turned into chaos with the police cruisers, suvs, humvees, you name it, it was here. with technology these days everyone has got the police scanner on their phone and you're trying to match up what you're hearing on the news and what you're hearing on the police scanner. some of it is just not making sense. we had the s.w.a.t. team coming through our yard last night. they came back again this morning to search our basement, the garages. and, it was kind of like you're trying to track them on the map but no one knew where he was. martha: brian, we're looking at your pictures you sent in. this is not a sight you see every day looking out your window i imagine? >> no it is not. it is a rude a waken. martha: when you heard the
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explosion, having heard same explosion two of them on the boston marathon, what did you think was going on? >> well, i did, was watching the news and i still had that, you know, those guys suspects, down at m.i.t. there. it is just undo the street. so i know mount auburn street takes us one place to the other. i traveled that route often. i knew they were headed my way. and you know, shortly, after i guess about an hour, cruisers died down a little bit that's when i heard the gunshots. that is probably less than half a mile from where i am. you didn't know what to do. we were thinking fleeing. then you hearing that there is a guy running around with a bomb strapped to him with an assault rifle, what are you going to do? i never been in that position before. hopefully right now, hopefully they're staying outside that house and this can all end, the city of
6:34 am
boston has been through a lot but, you know, if there is one city that can get through this it is us. martha: that's for sure. how were you notified that you should stay? you have gone through the decision that, sadly other people in terrorist attacks gone through where they're trying to make the decision that could be life altering? do i stay in my place, hunker down or try to get out of here? >> yeah. i mean, my decision would have been different if i didn't go through the events on monday, where our first-responders were, it was incredible seeing how fast they went through the scene of, you know, basically running to danger. and you know, obviously with 9/11 happening, and boston, new york, relationship you weren't able to kind of relate with it, whether the planes, buildings, there is a lot of variables there but in boston everyone has been at that finish line. there is not one person i know that has not been to that finish line on marathon monday.
6:35 am
it is the biggest party day i should say for college kid kids that just out of college. it is kind of like a big reunion. taking that away from us was, something we'll never forget but i mean next year, it will be just as big and hopefully obviously a lot safer. but you know these things obviously happen in the world we live in. it is just sad to know you can't go to the movies anymore. you can't go to school without worrying about -- what else is next i guess? this was it. martha: brian, you've been through a lot this week and i thank you very much for being here and we hope that this resolution comes soon and people of boston can feel safe to go about doing kind of things you just mentioned very shortly. brian, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. martha: we'll go back to bill and i believe we're going to eric shawn from there. bill? bill: hey, martha, boston police department, updated
6:36 am
photo of 19-year-old. dzhokhar tsnaraev. suspect considered armed and dangerous. we have yet another photo. this is the image that the fbi, boston police department are now putting out here in boston as they look for the 19-year-old man. this came out moments ago. what that tells me, martha, that perhaps the shootout we listened to moments ago did not resolve this after all. if the boston police department is still saying he is wanted and on the loose at 9:35 a.m. with a fresh picture out there that is an indication to me this thing is not resolved just yet. in watertown, massachusetts, the helicopter image now revealing a bit of a cul-de-sac, guys? tell me exactly what that is and where it is and we'll pass information to our viewers. that looks like police have responded to a home here in the boston area and they're going through that home to possibly find a suspect. at least that is what the
6:37 am
manhunt is all about in the end. eric shawn is live in cambridge just up the road from us. we'll get eric's report in a moment. molly line is working the story. so the too griff jenkins and mike tobin. they're all in watertown, massachusetts. they're watching the image of a police helicopter flying over the scene where the focus had been oh for the past 90 minutes or so. and at that scene, viewers just joining us we heard about a 30 second volley back and forth. it appeared to be gunshots. it as appeared in my ear to sound like some sort of explosion. we weren't there. we can't verify exactly what happened ha. that was about it. it. it lasted a couple section and it was done. you saw the couple led out of their house on the front porch. we'll get location where this is and what is happening as numerous white cars come to this neighborhood, martha. martha: bill, we're looking at a picture on the left-hand side of the screen.
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police have their doors open. this is maryland. believed from the reports we're getting to be an uncle's home. there were reports that we had heard from an uncle earlier today. who was expressing his disbelief at the events that unfolded. i believe this is montgomery village, maryland. according to what we're seeing here. we see the folks at the door of this home. we've seen lists coming through that we've all kind of been privy to of different relatives around this young man and his brother. as bret was saying time will tell who was related to this issue and who was completely unrelated to this issue. no doubt the police want to talk to anybody they can who may have had some inkling what these young suspects terrorists have been up to and what could have sent them to carry out the acts they are suspected carrying out over the past couple days. you look at this scene. an all-american scene on the left-hand side of our
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screen. this shot coming in from wttg. looks like anybody's neighborhood. this is a nice neighborhood in maryland. you think once again about the sort of very american lives these two suspected terrorists have been living over the course of the last several years. police are trying to basically lock down and hone in on any place and anybody in this environment, this young man primarily and any family members who may know where he is. i'm looking at couple shots we're getting here. back in watertown, you have ongoing presence of the police there as well. they're trying to focus in where he may have gone, if he remains in watertown. if he was able to slip perhaps out of that cordon and if indeed he is still on the run, bill. bill: yeah. martha, just one thing to add from boston on that. we're hearing that logan airport has been closed.
6:40 am
we can't confirm it but we're being working to that. some folks are saying trying to book to flights in washington and those flights are being diverted. "the boston globe" is saying the m.i.t. police officer that was killed in a confrontation with these terror suspects was sean collier, age 26, out of summerville, massachusetts. per the district attorney in middlesex county. it is possible that sean come letter, age 26, will indeed be the hero of this story and sitting in his car and gunned down in his car we don't know what he saw. it is possible he made a phone call back to headquarters that alerted all the police and all the authorities and fbi down the line to the whereabouts of these two men around ten: 20 eastern time. it is possible his tip set off wild chase that led
6:41 am
almost 12 hours later now. martha: indeed it is. on the screen you see different scenes of this search, watertown, cambridge and the latest in maryland. on the left-hand side of your screen you can see this picture, the latest picture we have of dzhokhar tsnaraev, age 19, from cambridge, massachusetts at least most recently. we want to play for you some new scanner audio that came in from early this morning as the police were continuing in this search. listen to this. >> a white male trying to catch ride from passing motor vehicles. white male, dark hair, medium height, black jacket with a dark-colored bag. >> light-skinned white male. should be considered armed and dangerous, possibly with an a assault rifle and explosives. again that is a white male, gray hoodie, black curly hair, should be considered extremely armed and dangerous, possibly with an assault rifle and explosives.
6:42 am
>> middle eastern looking male, clean-shaven,awaying blue and wide. -- white. that's all we have for now. >> with the boston pd. came over the radio. subject is it posting o be line he will kill everyone because we killed his brother. martha: that is what the police are dealing with right now. you look at jackets on the hunt right now. we have atf, fbi, boston police on the scanner. boston university on one of the jackets, from the police. as you don't know we're in holding pattern. we're watching what we have on the cameras. we don't know what else may be going on in the neighborhoods. we've seen swat teams moving from place to place this morning as they try to hunker down and try to find the young man who is the leader of the two as we understand it so far. his older brother is dead.
6:43 am
he is on his own possibly with assault rifle and explosives as you heard on the police scanner. very much armed and dangerous to say the very least. we've seen the carnage that has already been suspected to have been brought by these two terrorists. and we don't know what they had planned next. as peter king said earlier today, as brian kilmeade reported perhaps once their images were known, once their photographs were seen yesterday, that might have been the sign for them to begin a second wave as they took off with more explosives and, you know the other hero in this story is the young man who was pushed out of his car by his report, god only knows why they decided to spare him. they took off in his mercedes and pushed him out of the car. just an unbelievable, unbelievable story we're watching unfold live here on "america's newsroom" right now. bill? bill: certainly are. image to the right released at 4:00 a.m. this morning. that was not part of the fbi
6:44 am
briefing. boy, that is telling photo, isn't it? there is image what we believe from a local gas station, maybe a 7-eleven, again shows the profile of that 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsnaraev who bliss are trying to find. there is the image that was put out wearing a gray hoodie. that looks precisely like the profile picture of this left side of this killer put out last night at 5:00 by the fbi. m.i.t. officer is dead. wounded officer treated at hospital said to be in critical condition. suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev is dead. suspect number two, dzhokhar tsnaraev, his younger brother, age 19, still unaccounted for. jennifer griffin is live with our national security view on this from our bureau in washington, d.c. we're told they have ties to chechnya. that they could be russian- born but chechnya according to their ethnicity. they spent some time there
6:45 am
at least at a younger age, jennifer. what more do we have on that? >> reporter: that is really interesting. when i heard of the name of the younger one, the one with the white cap who is still on the loose, the name dzhokar was very familiar to me. the dzhokar dudivey first president of chechnya was killed. had a violent death by the russians when he used his satellite phone, two missiles came out of the sky and killed him. i remember being in lebanon at the time and remember when he was killed, he was killed in chechnya on april 21st, which of course is coming up this weekend, this sunday. that made me think if these two are chechen nationalists in some way, dzhokar dudiav, dzhokhar tsnaraev accused of planting the boston marathon bomb, that is date certainly
6:46 am
law enforcement and others should be looking at, intelligence folks in terms of potential continuation of if there is a larger cell in place trying to mark something like that. but i'm also being told by sources that this chechen the chechen brothers left with their brothers and moved to central asia. that would be north of afghanistan in russian countries or kyrgyzstan or turkmenistan but they may have spent some time in central asia. that is something authorities are going to need to look at before they moved ten years ago in 2003 to the united states. a very curious path for them out of chechnya the russian area that they lived, the border area of chechnya where they lived, bill. >> jennifer, in your time at the pentagon, i want to be very specific about this, and you answered part of that in your answer there,
6:47 am
how often on issues of terrorism here in the u.s. or perhaps overseas in the wars that were prosecuted in iraq and now afghanistan would the issue of a chechen rebel terrorist come up? >> we heard others joining the fight in afghanistan and iraq and elsewhere a pipeline of chechen fighters join up with al qaeda linked groups? that is not unusual, our military and our special operations forces encountered chechens in many war zones since 9/11. that is not unusual. what is unusual to see two young men who spent most of their lives in the u.s., who were by all accounts, according to their uncle, star students, star athletes, received a scholarship perhaps to go to mit, to see them involved in such a
6:48 am
thing, that's really what has authorities, i think, quite baffled at this moment? bill: thank you, jennifer. jennifer griffin there in washington. i want to get back to boston here in a moment, water town, massachusetts, with the split screen here and it does appear things have slowed down at least for the moment but, wait for it, because this story, like it has for five days now has changed on a dime. martha, back to you in new york? martha: bill, let's take everybody through the timeline what we've seen since 5:00 yesterday afternoon. because remember we were in sort of a 48-hour blackout really in terms of information from the police. we got this at bump them. they walked off the street before they walked off the backpacks. they were believed to behind the bombings. april 18th, around the bombings at 7-eleven store fleer cambridge
6:49 am
massachusetts, that is where we picked up the other photo build showed you. m.i.t. cam plus police officer was found shot to death in his vehicle. correct that he later died at the hospital from the wound he sustained in his vehicle. then soon after 10:20 p.m. police received a report of a armed carjacking in cambridge, massachusetts. they were able to pinpoint to some extent where these two have moved. got into mercedes from a gentleman there. they saw the suspects as the chase ensued, literally throwing explosives from their car. griff jenkins was with police behind that car and able to get video as the two suspects were pursued into the streets into watertown, massachusetts. 1:35 a.m., police announced suspect number one has died at the hospital. beyond the gunshot wounds he appeared to have shrapnel in his body which raised a whole lot of questions where
6:50 am
they were off to. whether they were planning to plant another bomb. we don't know how the two separated at that point. we know the older brother later died of those wounds at the hospital. younger brother we're not sure if he took off on foot at that point. come to 4:00 a.m. this morning. police confirmed two men involved in the mit shooting, watertown shootout were the boston marathon suspects. we began to get confirmmation all of this did indeed tie together. around 4:00 a.m. authorities confirmed suspect number one we know as tamerlan, the older brother, had died and suspect number two was on the loose. 5:00 a.m., massachusetts governor deval patrick suspended all public transit service to prevent anyone be attacked or anyone trying to escape the service. all kinds of reasons why he wanted to shut down the service on the mbta. we know the subjects are
6:51 am
from chechnya. jennifer griffin moved into the area north of afghanistan at their family at one point. that raises a lot of questions too, as to whether or not the terrorist instincts here come from something that is more al qaeda-related perhaps or more perhaps chechnyan related perhaps. that is -- chechen. they are 8:00 a.m. governor deval patrick extends public safety threat for all of boston essentially. about 8:18 this morning authorities identified transit police officer injured in the shooting with suspects. 8:21 authorities confirm and name the fraternal relationship. they are brothers these suspects. 8:30 a.m. this morning the faa closes off airspace over watertown. logan air report us did remain open. they sent out on their twitter feed moments ago
6:52 am
they are under heightened security at logan but they are flying planes in and out of logan at this hour. let's go to washington, bret baier all over the story, the anchor of "special report" joins us with some of what the latest is from there. good morning, bret. >> good morning, martha. you talk about this man being armed and dangerous, it is obvious over that timeline and what happened over the last 12 hours, with the shootout, with explosives coming out of that car, with what they're dealing with now, we talked about earlier that dzhokhar tsnaraev may have explosives with him. he may have a stockpile someplace according to authorities. those are concerns that they have. tamerlan, the older one on the right of your screen, who is now dead, the 26-year-old, as you maepgsed in the timeline he brought
6:53 am
to beth israel hospital at just after 1:00 in the morning with multiple traumatic injuries. dr. richard wolffe said it was more than gunshot wounds. a combination of blasts, multiple gunshot wounds and it looked like the man was hurt by an explosive device and the man was struck by shrapnel and he was pronounced dead at 1:35. a law enforcement source as you look at a picture of dzhokhar tsnaraev from the fbi, a source telling "the boston globe" saying an explosive trigger was found on tamerlan tsarnaev's body at morgue, an explosive trigger. that is not to say explosives were on his body at the time but a trigger. that matches what authorities were telling us earlier, that they either one, had plans to plant a lot of other bombs or many bombs in boston for a second wave of attacks, or two, they could be preparing for what they thought was the end and they were ready to
6:54 am
explode if there was a standoff with, with police. so, these are things that they're looking at. obviously, that is why they're taking all of these precautions throughout boston, because, this guy could move around, could go into any of a number of soft targets, if you will, and that's why people are asked to stay in their homes and close their businesses. martha: yeah. you look at this picture on the screen now and the whole country knows what this young man looks like, this 19-year-old. so the expectation is he may be holed up somewhere in boston. that is why they mentioned they cut down all the ways really in and out of the major parts of the city there. there is also this gathering as we've seen of police presence around a house in montgomery, maryland, where the uncle lives. no doubt every family member is being sought by police to be questioned as well to figure out where this young man might be and how to prevent what could be
6:55 am
another another act of violence he potentially would want to carry out on his way out. a lot of tension in the city of boston as we wait to find out where this young terrorist may be hiding. bill hemmer is on the scene in boston as he has been throughout all of this. and bill, we wait at this point. bill: yeah. indeed we do and we are in boston's back bay, martha. you know this city well. and you know that normally on a friday morning this place is just bustling with traffic. at the moment we have a few cars and we have a few trucks but that's about the only traffic we have seen. a little bit of foot traffic coming in and around. behind me you have several blocks in boston, massachusetts, that are shut down and closed off and they have been that way since monday afternoon. you can't access it. you can not get in there. a lot of bostonians are coming down droing off various flower bouquets and teddy bears and cards and leaving them near the
6:56 am
barricades to my right here. there are impromptu memorials set up in the entire area that is closed off, whether on the west side of boylston street. or on the east side where we were the past three or four days or on the south side of boylston too. if people can get close to the barricades. they stop to come have a look. after all this is their town. they feel gravely wounded as a result of these terrorist activities on monday afternoon. and now what they want is justice. and we're waiting to see whether or not justice will be served with this 19-year-old now on the run. suspect number one is dead. a property, age 26. he is out of the picture. suspect number two, the younger brother age 19, we're waiting to find out and figure out where authorities take this story next. do they have him cornered? do they have him taken care of? has he been eliminated? has he been apprehended or has the trail gone cold for the moment.
6:57 am
1-800-call fbi is the number that has gone out. they are telling the public, call it if you see anything, if you have any evidence. if you have anything that you think could be important to this case. if you have seen anything, please let us know. that number has not been pulled back. it is still out there and still public which tells us this is still a hot case. but where is he? is he in watertown? is he in cambridge? is he closer to the m.i.t. campus? we don't know. 1-800-call-fbi. martha: we're getting a little more information on tamerlan. tamerlan tsarnaev was intermittently enrolled at bunker hill community college from the fall of 2006 to 2008. so about five years ago. he took full course loads each time he was there according to these reports. wasn't there continuously. took accounting class. he was an amateur boxer with
6:58 am
dreams for competing with the u.s. olympic team as a boxer. it appears he was a little more transient. his younger brother even according to reports that we've seen from his father, reportedly, was the brains perhaps of these two young men. he according to these reports we've seen from his father was a medical student. we don't know exactly where he was enrolled. there is some discussion whether or not he was at mit. a lot of questions raised by that. why would they have gone to the m.i.t. campus and shot and killed a m.i.t. campus police officer. we know he went to a very prestigious charter school in boston that has been attended by many famous americans and celebrities. he had really all the advantages of the highest education that is available in in country. a lot of mystery this morning how and why the radicalization happened of these two suspected
6:59 am
terrorists and you see the scene on watertown corner this morning in watertown massachusetts at 9:58 a.m., in a city that is extremely, extremely tense. that has become used to over the past several days the sound of explosions. the explosions that they heard last night and the horrific explosions that they heard of course at the boston marathon that took lives of three people and limbs of many others. these are vicious i will canners who have been on the run, one of whom still is and the police and swat teams and fbi and atf very much want to bring this person in and hopefully alive to get more information out of this, dzhokhar tsnaraev who is the man they are seeking right now. to restart here this morning as we head toward the 10:00 hour on the east coast, if you are just joining us this morning there have been a number of developments in this search, in the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. here is what we know right
7:00 am
now. poce searching dooro it door after one of the suspects was killed in a shootout. they were in a hot pursuit they had hoped of the other. the city of boston and surrounding suburbs went into lock down. they told everybody don't go to school or work, if you're a shop keeper don't go. is there terrorist at large in the city of boston in the surrounding areas. just this morning authorities did release the name of the suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsnaraev. grew up in russia near chechnya. spent time in central asia as well according to reports we're getting, north of afghanistan according to some of these reports. still nailing that down. jennifer griffin working on suspect's background, trying to dig into who these two men are? and what might have raz alized them?
7:01 am
bret baier in washington. coanchor bill hemmer who has been in boston and up throughout the night when the shots were fired out and this whole thing started to take on a whole new life. morning again, bill. bill: martha, good morning to you. 26-year-old sean come letter is a -- collier, a police officer on the campus of m.i.t. has lost his life. his body was found in his patrol carried diled with bullets last night. it was 12 hours, 10:00 eastern time hour when the first report came in that the officer had been shot. police responded first to that scene. moments later they tracked down this carjacked su have. this led police to pursuit age 19 and age 26. right now the fbi director is at the white house. mueller, attorney general eric holder is at the white house as well. but how this is resolved is a bit of a riddle, a bit of a mystery because we do not
7:02 am
have complete answers. mike tobin on the scene in watertown, massachusetts which is ten miles from where we are in copley square, the finish line for the boston marathon. mike tobin has been watching helicopters in the air
7:03 am
bill: it's hard to read here. and i'm wondering what you're picking up there. there was an exchange of gunfire about 90 minutes ago that lasted about 30 seconds. also what appeared to be explosions were heard as well. but then it stopped and nothing since then. do we know what that was and if
7:04 am
that took place inside of a home or was it outside? >> you know, from this vantage point i can't add that much, bill. all i can tell you is about that time we did see a flurry of activity in terms of officers who were staging at this location, getting in their vehicles, moving out, heading toward the combat zone. >> thank you. mike tobin is live in watertown, massachusetts. mike, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to others working this story throughout the boston community here. there has been a bit of a stop down on activity here in boston. police are telling everybody to stay where you are, it's called shelter wre you are, that is a bit of the phrasing they use here. basically it means stay put, don't move. they've had businesses in towns like newton and came bridge -- cambridge don't open your doors today. that is a remarkable thing to y in april don't open your doors, stay where you
7:05 am
are, don't move. the taxi service has been suspended, bus service suspended. the commuter train line that ferries so many ka you the maoers throughout the -- commuters throughout the city of boston has been put on shut down. and there is no way to know when it will open again. it depend where the manhunt leads, whether or not it lead us to the perpetrator or a path we cannot foresee just yet. that is a bit of the mystery that we have been waiting and watching and holding onto for the past five days. the fbi and police department in boston have been absolutely first rate and terrific since this happened on monday afrp. now they want -- afternoon. now they want to finish the job. >> we are joine martha: we are joined by bill daley with control risk security
7:06 am
consulting. a lot has happened since the last time you were on i believe yesterday. what do you think now that we are getting a little bitore of a picture of who niece suspects are, and -- who these suspects are and where do you think this young suspected terrorist might be? >> that is one of the immediate things police have to do. i'm looking at this investigation holistically. there are three steps here. there is the more immediate, and near and long term issues. the more immediate is what they are doing, door to door, house to house, he could be sitting in a lot of of a garage, we don't know, he could have um judge -pd into the river and gone down a few blocks and come back in. we don't know where the individual is. the manhunt by the police and fbi and all the regional forces is focused there. that is the immediate issue. the near term is understanding who he may have been connected with. are there any weapons or devices out there. is this a web or just two brothers who worked together, what is the connection here, and is there any other exposure to the public?
7:07 am
and then in the longer term, i'm not talking about the longer term as far as weeks and months, i'm talking hours or the next dayer so is understanding where they came from, how they may have been pushed to do this. and what may have changed them from kind of living in america going to america schools, kind of almost living the american dream coming over here and having changed and gone and done this. what is the reason behind it. again is there a further connection or network. have they traveled recently? is there something else that has influenced them to do? i look at it that way. there are a lot of things going on in the background. i think the fbi joint terrorism team and the police have done a magnificent job dealing with the investigation and being very close about what they have, and not allowing a lot of speculation. martha: what does it tell you that these were not homicide bombers? that it appears last night that they were trying to get away. that they wanted to save their own lives, or perhaps they wanted to launch a second wave
7:08 am
of this. >> that's a very interesting point, because you would have thought that if they have these devices with them that they maybe were planning other attacks. you would have thought if they really were the suicide bombers like we've seen in other places that they would have done that at the marathon. it would perhaps be easier for them if the ultimate goal was they were going to kill themselves. i don't think there is significance to suggest that they were suicide bombers. there may have been other plans to do other things, that's why as they were chased by police they were throwing explosive devices that were prepared and thrown at police. that's not normally how people escape from the police. martha: what happens when there is a team, a partnership in crime, in terror in this case and one of them is gone. what is the psychology of the second one, who knows whether he wants to live or die or wait this out. what is going on right now? we have to look at it in two
7:09 am
ways. one is that this is a 19-year-old individual, a 19-year-old mind. this is somebody who had been joined up with his brother as a cohort in this very horrendous criminal and terrorist act. now that they are separated, even if he had received any type of taping, we don't know that for sure. he's going to feel isolated. he's going to be alone. he's going to say what is next, what should i be doing. he's running and hiding. he may have a general familiarity with the area, he is in a new and uncharted course for his life and will he ultimately confront police and confront them in a way that they are forced to use force or will he just realize that it might be better to kind of, you know, give himself up? we hope that is the case, but we don't know at this point, but it's very difficult for police and for the civilians who don't know if they open up their garage door whether they may find him inside and that's what police are concerned about, and i think they've taken all practice precautions by closing the mass transit, by closing schools, and businesses until they can get a handle on where
7:10 am
this guy is. martha: you've got such a sort of juxtaposition here. you have these young men basically raised for most of their lives in the united states. i'm reading about dzhokhar's past, educated at rindge a very good charter school in medicine. according to his dad he was studying medicine. reports of dartmouth and mit and something happens along the way. there was one report i was reading that he was a lifeguard and that he -- last summer he didn't show up much for work. maybe he dropped out of the scene, maybe something began last summer. does any of that -- is that all secondary now or does any of that help the folks trying to find him, pinpoint where he might have gone today? i think in a way it's secondary. if they can find people who have he's had any type of attachment too sometimes criminals run back
7:11 am
to those places where they feel comfortable because they are familiar with their surroundings. i don't think any of what you described applies to where he may be. martha: do you think the rest of the family knew what was going on, just based on your history? do you get the feeling that these two brothers cooked this thing up on their own? >> i almost -- it's very difficult to imagine that anyone who would be close to them in the morey september past, and we don't -- more recent past and we don't know where the pivotal point was where they di die srerpbld from -- di diverged from living the american dream, there is something that took them off course in the sraoept past. you think this if this was family, someone who gave them food and clothing while they went to school to work their way up to be 19 and 26 years of age someone would have seen something, a change in personality. just because people don't show up for work a lot of teenagers
7:12 am
and other people go through changes and troubled times but it doesn't mean they become terrorist -gs. martha: when you look at the scenes we are watching in watertown right now, the s.w.a.t. teams going from place to place, what does that tell you about the state of this investigation and the search for this young man right now? >> it is intense, immediate, they realize that there is danger to everyone, law enforcement, and civilians, and they need to resolve it as quickly as possible. they are going to use all the manpower that they can to flood this area, to literally go door by door empty building by empty building, any place where they with look for this person, hiding under a car, or taken up some corner of refuge in a basement next to boiler. they are looking to find out where he is, because they know it's important they get him right away. martha: i'm so curious, bill about what happened during the shootout. obviously the older brother was hit, he was taken to the hospital. somehow this younger brother got away, on foot in a car, that part we don't know. that is a big question mark in this investigation right now,
7:13 am
how he left there and whether or not any of those police on the scene saw him get away. >> yeah, no reports yet, and i think, again, that in a way that is the way law enforcement has worked in this case and i believe except for some of the immediate news conferences that they needed to provide for public safety is that they've been very close-lipped about it unless they have something very specific and clear they want the public to know they want to avoid speculation and panic so they are keeping a lid on that. that is a very good question. i would just suspect that, you know, before long one way or the other he will be surfaced. martha: let's hope so. bill daley, thank you so much. good to talk to you as always. let's go back to bill in boston. bill: coming up on 10:15 local time in boston getting wouldrd from the white house, our white house producer sarah courtney telling us now about 9:45, 30 minutes ago the president within the into the situation room with the vice president joe biden. convened a briefing on the white house on the boston bombing
7:14 am
matter and where they are now. in attendance eric holder the attorney then, fbi tkhrebgter muller. chief of staff dennis mcd u.n. nam. and others joined by video conference including janet napolitano and many others. i want to bring in chris wallace the anchor of fox news sunday to welcome him to our coverage on what has been an exceedingly friday morning, and chris as we welcome you good morning to you. what is happening inside the situation room as best we can tell as they try and sift through the information and try and figure out what is important, what is not and what is next? >> reporter: well, you know, this is all speculation. i think at this point it's become a very narrow focus, and that is where is this guy? and what information do they have? obviously the possibility in watertown of hostages being taken. i assume one of the other things they h-r als also looking at,
7:15 am
does this conspiracy to commit the bombing and now these acts overnight end with these two brothers or is it broader than that. is it broader than that in this country, overseas? i'm sure they are trying to roll up and figure out exactly how far this conspiracy goes. there are a lot of questions, and,ounow, i suspect we didn't know what we don't know, and perhaps even in the situation room the president and the top officials of this country are trying to figure out exactly where this conspiracy ends. bill: yeah, you know, you wonder 12 years later since 9/11 how far we've come and how good we've gotten. a number of plots have been thwarted and stopped by lawn enforcement, this was -- law enforcement. this was not one of them. these two bombers, these killers, these terrorists were successful. and unfortunately for three families who lostoved ones and 160 others who are wounded, their lives are forever changed
7:16 am
and affected. these bombersere successful. and your point is well-taken about whether or not there are more out there. and right now we cannot answer that. jay cney -- jay carill talk if there is a white house this afternoon. >> reporter: that mit policeman has been killed overnight as well. that is another death that these two brothers apparently were involved in. ure exactly right, but, you know, look, to be realistic, the traordinary story of the last decade is not that they are still out there, it's how incredibly successful and in some cases lucky we've been. remember richard reid the shoe mber, he would have taken down that plane if his explosive in his shoe had gone off. the underwear bomber on christmas day over detroit, who d have taken down that plane if his explosive had gone on and there have been other cases where we've been really good in terms of thwarting these
7:17 am
attacks. as so many people from the bush administration on have said, we have to be right and effective 100% of the time. they opl have t only have to be right or lucky once, and in this case they were. the fact they were hiding in plain sight. the fact the brothers have been in the ooh ited states so long -- united states so long. you look at the video, this was something that stood out. two young men h sun blastess in one case -- sun gases, long longish hair. we didn't stop it ahead of time but in 48, 7 # hours they were able to identify, put the pictures of these two people on the screen and unlike so many of the other pictus that were out as we know, bill in socia internet, these were the ones, they got the rig guys.
7:18 am
>> as you particula tick of is dents that he wao reporte we think of the tim square finding. he parked a nissan path finder in time scare loaded it with a bomb and the bomb did not go off. we caught him boarding a plane to go out of the country. that is the system that needs t be examined, how good we have got r-r at finding the -- gotten finding the perpetrators. one is deed, one is being rounded we hope any moment by authorities. i think as we reflect on the story it's fair and right to talk about the victories. shzaad failed this his attempt but he did not get out of the country eat, he did not escape justice, chris. >> that is exactly right. there's been some criticism why didn't they release videos earlier by the fbi. i'm not going to second-guess the fbi. they seem to have handled this awfully well. what is so interesting is -- and
7:19 am
we don't know yet, but were law enforcement on the way, or did the two brothers see those videos along with everybody else and realized whatever it was that they were hiding they couldn't hide there much longer because they were so identifiable that people would say, hey that is dzhokhar over in apartment 3b, thatse that's when they realized they had to make a run for it. and they were flushed out of their hiding spot. let me give you one example of an issue that we'll be talking about on sunday. all the people in that watertown neighborhood hiding, doors locked. how many of them do you think -- and worried that this guy might get into their home and maybe take them hostage. how many of them do you think might like a gun to be able to protect themselves and defend their homes? that feeds into the gun debate that we've had here in washington this week and that will be one of the issues, one of the many issues in attention to terror and sleeper cells and
7:20 am
surveillance and all the other issues in the war on terror that we'll be examining on "fox news sunday." two of our guests one of them will be dianne feinstein head of senate intelligence and one of the big proponents for gun control and another the head of the homeland counterterrorism house subcommittee, peter king of new york. bill: all right. chris looking forward to that on sunday. thank you. the aping of "fox news sunday," -- anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. it is almost 10:20 eastern time in boston. 12 hours ago the first tip in that located these two men. it has been 12 hours since and it is full on here throughout the boston area, martha. martha: it has been 12 hours as you say, bill, of major developments in this search in the second suspect of the boss boston marathon bombing. here is what we know right now at 10:20 eastern time this morning. early today authorities released the name of one suspect who is still at large, 19-year-old bryan sto dshokhar,tsarnaev.
7:21 am
he wrestled in high school, went to the prom. fbi chief mueller and eric holder went to the white house to be briefed on this. boston and suburbs are on lockdown because residents are told they should stay in their homes, basically lock their doors and hunker down until they find this guy because they do not know where he might surface. police are everywhere in watertown massachusetts. public transportation is shut down. heavy law enforcement presence is out on the streets right now from state police to national guard, fbi, atf, surrounding university police, campus police who have lost one of their own, the m. i. t. pheufr wh police
7:22 am
officer who was shot and killed in this terrorist attack. authorities are trying to focus in on this teenager how see on the right hand of your screen. a high school and middle school class mate of the suspect describes what she remembers of him. here she is. >> thihe was very quiet. when we went to -- before previously high school we went to charter school. he was really quiet in those days. he branched off into wrestling and had his own friend. he was distant from me. he was kind of quiet from me. i pretty much jumped out of bed as soon as possible. its crazy how i just graduated with this kid two years ago and now he's a suspect on the run for craziness. martha: all right. we are learning now that the police will brief in about 20 minutes from now, so stick around for that, because when they do we generally get some new information. we'll hear from the boston police in 20 minutes.
7:23 am
stay tuned for that. in the meantime we want to go back to washington, bret baier the anchor of special report with the latest on what's happening in president investigation on their end. good morning, again. >> reporter: as w that briefing which is crucial we are obviously also having lawmakers and a number of different officials including off just lee the president and others get -- obviously the president and others getting briefed in washington. i talked to a source up on capitol hill familiar with the briefings. the national counterterrorism center is keeping certain lawmakers in the loop, and they are updating with details of the investigation, as well as stringing back what they know about dzhokhar, tsarnaev and tamerlan tsarnaev.
7:24 am
suspect number two is still believed to be in that area. that is why you're seeing all that you're seeing. officials are saying they believe it's really important that they try to capture him alive. they are saying that they are going to do everything they can to do that. the reason for that is because there are a lot of questions that they would like to ask him, namely, if there is a third party involved, or more people involved, if there are other plots. if this is bigger than just the two men, and that is something that we've heard from officials and authorities before, this is the case in this particular incident we're being told. one official said -- one source said it's amazing how calculating these guys were. they were living within a half mile of where they placed these bombs.
7:25 am
authorities are looking to see if these two men left the country at any time. we are guessing that they -- and authorities believe they came in with their family roughly in about 2002, 2003, so they've been in the country for p te about ten years. they are checking passports, airline tickets. you can imagine the extensive data search that is going on by u.s. officials at this hour. officials say they know that both men of muslim. they don't know if they were attending a mosque in the area, that is all part of the investigation at this point. now, it's worth pointing out that that is a part of the investigation and it should be clear that authorities are always looking at that element. two years ago there was a radical imam in atlanta who did radicalize two young men, sent them overseas to be trained, a plot that was planned, a
7:26 am
terrorist plot. the fbi stopped that. this official i talked to, the source said we worry about that, the home-grown radicalization and influence and it's something that we will be looking at. also authorities said it's hard to believe that these two men acted without any help or training and possibly training overseas. those are some of the details from some of the briefing inks thabriefings happening here in washington. this is very fluid as the manhunt continues and we'll look for details out of boston in under 20 minutes. martha: thank you very much. as bret closed with there we do expect to hear from the police in boston in about 20 minutes from now. they have not been ones to come to the microphone when when they don't have something to say. we expect there will be some developments. when you look back over the course of last night the 711 video that came in, and the
7:27 am
explosion that happened, explosives flying out the window at one point in the chase that inch shooed an ensued and all of that handed in the serious wounding of the older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan who later died at the hospital after furious efforts on the part of the doctors there. we heard from them earlier this morning. they tried everything they could to save him, because obviously the police want to talk to him, they want to know what they know. now you have the separation of these two brothers who had banded together in this suspected -- as suspects in this terrorist act that was carried out in boston on monday, and has continued through the course of this week, and now there is just the one brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar who has been clearly living a very american lifestyle. crest link at school, attending the prom. we heard from a young woman who went to school with him, she said she was shocked to learn that he was capable of perhaps
7:28 am
being part of this terrorist attack that was -- that took place in boston. you know, we were so struck yesterday, all of us were when we saw video of these two young men who appeared to be as college at as anybody walking around on boston marathon day we were wondering whether or not they were in disguise. from everything we've learned about their lives probably no disguise at all. this is a very american life they've been living in cambridge and boston and clearly they were not making much attempt to hide their faces and probably knew that in the end this would end the way it has for one brother, and the way authorities hope it will end soon for the other. they want very much to apprehend him and take him in. there is the number -- the fbi wants you to call 1-800-call fbi. bill is in boston with more. >> two bits of information. we weren't sure how the story was playing out.
7:29 am
and whether or not it had resolved itself. apparently it has not. boston police moments ago sending out a message, wanted, police seeking massachusetts plate here is the number. 316es9 described as a 99 honda crv, color is gray. possible suspect car do in the approach. massachusetts plate 316es9. we had heard this word went out to state police in connecticut and even state police in new york, but we weren't sure if it had been resolved, but clearly with the boston police sending this message out only four minutes ago it has not. i'll repeat that now. that is a honda crv with a massachusetts license plate that is now wanted either in the commonwealth of massachusetts or also in the state of connecticut, or the state of new york. now why could this be so critical? we know they've already carjacked one car, that mercedes suv12 hours ago. it's possible they carjacked
7:30 am
another one, the suspect did. it's possible that it could be his car. it could be a stolen car. we are working through that, and when we get an update on that we'll give it to you. also we're hearing this. the university massachusetts at dartmouth has learned that the person being south sought in connection with the boston marathon bombing has been identified as a student registered at umass dartmouth. individuals on campus should shelter in place unless instructed otherwise and come back for details as they become available. the campus is closed today. dave wedge is a reporter for the "boston herald" and he's been with me throughout the week here. dave, good morning to you. are you in the newsroom or somewhere out in the boston area? >> i'm out on the scene in watertown. a couple of blocks from where this firefight unfolded last night. i've been out here since 1:00 this morning when that all went
7:31 am
down. you know, i can just tell you it's a really fluid scene. the police keep moving their police tape and pushing us back, and moving us from one block to the next, and it's a really -- it's really unstable what is going on over here. bill: what time were you there, dave? >> i got here a little after 1:00 in the morning, and, you know, when i got here at that time it was shortly after the firefight, and, you know, it was just kind of chaos, and the police were running around yelling, and media was scrambling to find safe places to be, and some of the reporters i was talking to that were out there, you know, one of my colleagues from the herald that was right there when it all unfolded who was actually at the m. i. t. shooting and followed the scene here, she was caught in the whole thing and she smelled the smoke from whatever
7:32 am
explosives they were throwing at the police, and as i said, it's just very, very chaotic. every since then i've just kind of being wondering what is going on. the police right now have heavily armored storm trooper s.w.a.t. officers going door to door. it's really a surreal scene. bill: right. dave, i just want to update our viewers now on the bit of information that we were talking about five minutes ago. that honda crv, bit of good news here, the honda has been located, and has been located here in boston, massachusetts, so we are not quite sure why it was missing or why they thought it was suspicious or why the suspect could be inside, but we'll work through that a bit later with police. dave, in your conversations with police, and i don't know if they are answering this question, or your conversation with your colleague on scene for the shootout, did they explain to you how suspect number two, this
7:33 am
19-year-old got away? >> well, all we know, what i know officially from the briefing early, early this morning the state police said he escaped in the car that they had carjacked. and that the brother was killed. and, no, there really hasn't been much of an explanation of how he got away. he managed to get away. i don't know if he dumped the car on foot. you might have better information if they located that vehicle, i'm not sure if they have or not. bill: i assume you're staying there as long as it takes, dave. >> yeah, actually my car is actually inside the secure zone, so i'm not -- i can't even goat to my -- even get to my car to leave if i wanted to. i'm going to be here to see what happens. obviously the concern of the police here is explosives. you know, there is a high
7:34 am
probability that there could be explosives somewhere in this neighborhood. there are a lot of bomb squad officers here and national garden, and atf, fbi, massachusetts state police, boston special ops, and, you know, everyone is locked in their houses, and when people come outside the officers tell them, go back in. bill: watertown must look like a much different place today, that community? >> it's a bedroom community for boston, a lot of single-family homes and condos. it's a very nice neighborhood, working class, and there are a lot of people here last night, a lot of young people who live here. when this all unfolded around 1, 1:30 in the morning a lot of younger people were coming home from the bars and restaurants from cambridge and summerville in that area. a lot of those people have not been home, they haven't been able to go into their houses, they are kind of sitting around
7:35 am
outside wondering what is going on. bill: dave, thank you. dave wedge a reporter for the "boston herald" in watertown, massachusetts. let's go back to martha in new york for a bit more. martha: he gave us a real sense of what it's like to be there right now, and mike tobin is there in watertown as well. we are waiting for, minutes away now from the latest news conference from the police there. we've got a million people basically who are stuck in place and really no idea how long this could go on for. let's -- these are the towns that were originally this morning said, look if you live in bellemont, cambridge, watertown, brighton, allston, newton, waltham. all of these south of boston towns that are basically on high alert right now and an extremely tense situation. police have no idea, at least -- maybe we'll find out in a couple of minutes that they have a better idea. as far as we know where this guy is right now.
7:36 am
mike tobin is on the scene as he has been throughout the course of this. mike, what is the latest from your vantage point there? >> well, really martha what i anticipate out of this upcoming briefing is for the police commissioner,ed davis and timothy allen of the state police to come up and use us one more time as an opportunity to speak directly to people in their homes. there is a representative of the state police who gave a head up in terms of where the conference will be. i didn't get all the details because i was talking to you. they will use this as an opportunity to speak directly to people in their homes. there are a million people stuck in their homes at the moment and largely dependent on what they are getting from the television to find out what is going on. if the police could opinion point where this individual -- pinpoint where this individual is at the moment it would be quite obvious to all of us because they would move in. so they have to use excess caution right now and cause all of these people to be stuck in their homes.
7:37 am
they want to communicate through us and get the point across that it's still a very serious situation, that you have an armed and dangerous individual somewhere out there on the streets and they can't pinpoint them. they know if someone were to cross them on the streets you'd have a very grave situation, and that has been the point they have been making throughout the day when they get i in front of the cameras is the point we expect them to make again. other than that what we have here is a very large staging area. you heard the governor come out and promise that every available resource will be dedicate to this manhunt and we are seeing the resources here. multiple police agencies and municipalities coming in here by city bus staging at this location. the state troopers driving up on -- riding up on motorcycles. we've seen the military police, in humvees coming to this location. all sorts of police officers and resources to make sure that they are well hydrated, able to keep going back in and out of the hot zone where this massive manhunt is taking place, martha. martha: boy, who knows how long
7:38 am
this may take or how patient this young suspected terrorist may be wherever he is hold up at this hour. the police from everything we're hearing, they do seem to plea of that he is within the area -- believe that he is within the area they have cordoned off is only a matter of time and we expect a briefing moments ae away. we want to make sure we get you back there in time. there is the number that you want to call. 1-800-call-fbi. so many first surfacing of this young man with his life in the boston area. we'll take a quick break and be back right on the other side with breaking news in boston, police conference after this.
7:39 am
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7:41 am
martha: we are back with our continuing coverage of the breaking news this morning, very big developments in this story in the search now for the second suspect in the boston marathon
7:42 am
bombing. here is what we know right now. we are waiting for even an update, we expect it to be moments away. mike tobin is on the scene in watertown, mass magazines. we expect to get new information from the police and how the search is going. boston police department on the scene as well. we'll get to that moments away, you don't want to miss any of that, they have been very good at revealing new information and as mike tobin said, sort of using the press to get the word out that they want the people of boston and the larger area and the country to know in this case, one of the two suspects was killed in a shootout in the early hours of this morning. the other suspect, the other partner in crime and in terrorism is the 19-year-old, the younger brother dzhokhar tsarnaev is his name. right now the city of boston and surrounding suburbs is on lockdown, about a million people literally think of these, folks, they are in their homes, they are told you can't go to school, to work, if you own a shop or
7:43 am
business in town please keep it closed today. they are trying to reconvenient any possible avenue for -- prevent any possible oven for this young person to slip into. they want to prevent any hostage taking, any further violence. the schools are looked down, the universities are closed in the area. residents are being advised to stay where they are, as i have just said, as would he wait for this news conference that is expected to get underway shortly. we are learning a lot about these two brothers, and a lot of questions are coming up along with them. bill hemmer has been covering the story throughout the course of all of this. he joins us now from boston as well. good morning again, bill. bill: yeah, martha, hello again. i remember what the fbi said yesterday during the briefing at the very end they said, quote, each piece of evidence moves us forward to justice. and the plea is out to the public yet again, 1-800-call-fbi, if you see something say something, even if it's the smallest detail, authorities say we need it, we need your help, we need your
7:44 am
information on this man, age 19, still at large here, somewhere perhaps in watertown, massachusetts, we believe, or perhaps a community nearby. what we hope is not the case is that he has not been able to move around or gain access to a vehicle to elude authorities now. state police on standby there. boston police as well waiting on this briefing that has now been delayed a little bit, delayed about 30 minutes. we'll wait on that. when authorities are ready to talk to us they'll come out and tell us what they can at the moment. they were not prepared to identify these men earlier today, but that all changed at 4:00am, and that changed when an mit school officer, a safety official was shot dead. he's 26 years old, shaun collier is his name. hthere was a wounded officer, in critical condition, age 33 and fighting for his life at the moment. suspect number one has been taken care of. that is 50% of the puzzle that
7:45 am
we know of in boston. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev is dead. his 19-year-old younger to, dzhokhar tsarnaev is unaccounted for. police are trying to figure out the next piece in the puzzle so they can solve it. at the last briefing we saw two hours ago no questions were taken. that may change in a moment, martha as we wait to hear from police in watertown, massachusetts shortly. martha: all right, bill. everybody focus on the left hand side of your screen right now. maybe we can take that full at this point. this is watertown, massachusetts. we saw a woman walk out she had her hand over her mouth looking at the police trying to eug if out what is going on inside that building. we did see some of these police in unmarked cars that pulled up stop to button bulletproof vests and guns are drawn outside of, i think it's a cold frontee shop and a building, and you can see them motioning outside telling
7:46 am
people to get away. obviously there is just so much tension as they try to find this young man, and we're looking at a wider shot at the location, a starbucks on the left. a dunkin donuts on our right as the camera works to steady there. we'll get that shot back for you in a moment. police are clearly moving in on yet another location. -p there is a child being carried across the street as people are being told to clear that area. imagine what this is like for these folks. they have been told to stay in their homes. suddenly police arrived in what looks to be a residential building in the middle, it's book ended by two coffee shops on either side. i'm seeing a shot on another camera that you can't see right now of police on an upper doorway a door. opening a door on an upper doorway as well. [sirens blaring] pgh [sirens blaring] pgh pgh sirens
7:47 am
blaring ] >> folks were told not to open shops this morning but there are folk at work. you can see police presence is growing on this -- now we're hearing that police are yelling at people to get back inside their homes. to stay where they are, to lock their doors. as i said a moment ago we saw a man run across the street with a child, clearly wanted to get out, did not want -- [gunfire] >> we are hearing gunfire now. police on the scene in watertown running around the side of this starbucks building to the back, maybe they want to find out where they heard the gunfire from. running up the block as we watch all of this unfold, and we have seen, you know, similar scenes like this this morning, so we simply don't know whether they are actually onto something here, or whether there is -- whether this is another false alarm. we heard shots fired. we t don't know if they came
7:48 am
from the police or someone else. you can see more police jumping into their cars here as another one head up the street. these folks -- these folks have been under a tremendous amount of pressure, and the boston police have done an incredible job trying to secure everybody in this city under extremely frightening circumstances and -- we are seeing some state police also in this location starting to put on bulletproof vests. we see police coming around and pulling out of the back of this area with sirens going as they are heading back around making a right hand turn, another section of this as they head to -- perhaps what was this back area. we did hear shots fired as we said. it looks like the police are moving to another location. perhaps they have got even information that the scene is further behind where they were
7:49 am
originally positioned. we've reported to you and this continues, they are telling people that they want them to stay put inside their houses. we have a number of cameras that we're looking at out here. you can see the police zipping around in watertown, mas mass this morning. it looks like there is another location where there is an even larger police presence and a lot of folks stranding around these houses. on one shot here i've got the scene that we saw earlier this morning. that is older tape on the left hand side here. the love shot that you're seeing is indeed on your screen. you are gerting th getting the information that we are getting here. a little bit of a pause in the action in watertown, massachusetts where everybody is on the edge of their seat as they try to figure out what is going on. police are driving in that direction as well. watertown police -- we are being told that this area they are in
7:50 am
right now is outside the perimeter? all right. now this area is now inside the perimeter. the place that they were was a little bit outside of the area that they had locked down prior, now that circle seems to be expanding even more. we just heard apparently one gunshot, as far as i could tell and we don't know if that came from the police, or whether that came from somebody else, but clearly, this is just an incredible scene, and you just -- you think about how these police have been behaving in such a stellar manor across the board. molly line a has been on that scene in watertown throughout the course of this this morning. she joins us now. mol he hrao, whamolly, what can you see or hear from your vantage point. >> we were literally just across the street from that starbucks, that's where we are right now. all throughout the day we were in one spot, it was quiet and
7:51 am
suddenly it was center of the action. we have a set of firetrucks right now -- this is the watertown fire department cruising up to the scene. we have motorcycles coming down in this direction. the scene that just unfolded here with weapons drawn, people throwing on their protective vests, a lot of screaming and yelling here on the corner, and then suddenly everyone got back in their cars, back in their law enforcement vehicles and headed off a few short blocks away. they had come here, locked down this block and then pulled everything up and they've pulled out and now they are another block away, but there is still a lot of activity here. you can see we have another watertown police vehicle cruising back down the street. and that's what is happening n now. within the last moments this is assenthis is this is the center of all the action. it has moved two blocks away. martha: i'm seeing another location in watertown as well, another live shot. a lot of needs coming in here
7:52 am
where it looks like there is a very intense police presence on the street, and a s.w.a.t. team in the middle of that action. it may be that the folks that were near you have got even a head up to move to another location. we saw police and we saw the firetrucks that molly pointed outgoing by at a very fast pace heading to another location. obviously everybody is hoping that they are starting to zero in on this 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev who is the only one left in this team, or at least the two that we know of involved in the boston marathon bombing, and then the subsequent shooting of an mit police officer and another officer who underwent surgery this morning and is in the hospital as well. there was gunfire that was heard at an active scene in watertown. it seems to have quieted down for right now, although there seems to be a very active scene that is just a couple of blocks away from where we are now.
7:53 am
everybody is extremely on edge in all of the communities that surround this area because they simply do not know when this young man may resurface. we were told that they had assault rifles last night and also potentially more of these pressure cooker bombs because the shrapnel of one of them was found inside this man's brother. molly line is on the scene. what can you tell us now? >> we've seen this perimeter pushed back throughout the whole morning. we've been on the outside of it. suddenly as i told you moments ago the perimeter suddenly extended blond where it had been blocked off. in quick fashion one road is blocked off one block, the next block down it's blocked off. the officers jump out of their vehicles, tactical gear is put on their pods, large automatic weapons, guns drawn. a lot of yelling by the starbucks ra starbucks, clearly trying to communicate with some.
7:54 am
some of the yelling may have been at neighbors, people in the community that were coming outside to see what was happening. we saw a guy with kids, a family running away from the scene, which is exactly what the officers have been calling on neighbors to do and screaming at people to get back in the building. then at quickly as they came they pulled back up and moved on, back in the direction that they came, back towards that perimeter that's been blocked off. moments later we saw the watertown police department, a firetruck and one of their suvs head in that direction. that is really where it stands. as quickly as things have changed on the scene they move again. so you can see that the officers are ready to deploy, they are pulling up and they move to a new location when they think they've got something new and that is clearly what happened. one moment we think we're in the quiet spot and the next its not quiet any more. martha: molly, than that you very much. and this will go on until we see an apprehension of this young man, this 19-year-old suspected terrorist. there is a massive manhunt on
7:55 am
for him. he's believed to have killed three people at the boston marathon and injured 160, several of whom lost limbs that day and whose lives will never again be the same. what has motivated these two suspected killers in this case remains to be seen at this hour. we do know they did push back the police, their news conference that was supposed to happen a little while ago. we'll get you the latest time on that as soon as we get it. it looks like they are very pre o*upd at the moment as an inch -- preoccupied at the moment as an -- one of the screens that i'm seeing, basically the entire block is a sea of black and a sea of sirens, and the black is the s.w.a.t. team and highly armored vehicles that are on location on another street area that looks to be more in the downtown area really of watertown, massachusetts this morning. so there is just an enormous amount of information that has flowed in, because yesterday we
7:56 am
did not know who these two people were, and today one of them is deed, an dead and the other one is out there somewhere, and the police very much want to bring him in, hopefully alive to get more information on what this entire plot entailed and whether or not there is more to this plot that might be carried out by the 19-year-old, or perhaps others who are working in tandem with them. at this point we simply do not know. we've got you covered on all angles of this or story. we have bret baier in washington, jennifer griffin covering it from the pentagon angle. we know the president has been briefed by the fbi director mueller. eric holder has been on the scene and involved with apprising the president of what is going on here as well. just a shocking, shocking series of developments when you think about the happy day on monday, the finish line at the boston marathon, a storied race, and
7:57 am
obviously a very iconic, american experience that was literally blown apart at the finish line, and it is believed to have been carried out by these two suspects who have been document ned great detail on the -- documented in great detail on the videos and whose lives we are learning more and more about because like so many people their age they were all over facebook and social media. their friend and family members are beginning to speak out. there are quite a few details we learned about them today. bill hemmer is in place in boston as well for us on boylston street, and he's watching all this unfold with us. back to you again, bill. bill: i tell you, martha, you think this town of 30,000, watertown, massachusetts, and you think about what they are waking up to today, and what they are going through behind me just take a look at this real quick. [sirens blaring] pgh [sirens blaring. [sirens blaring] bill: it's a black vehicle, a
7:58 am
large 350 pickup truck with a casing on it. we've seen it come by several times at our location at copley square. in watertown massachusetts, ten miles due west of here, in water ton, massachusetts they are taking up today and told to stay inside, don't come out. businesses told don't open up, turn your customers away. don't even open your doors. we've already heard at least two shootouts, too exchanges of gunfire in two different locations of this small bedroom community as it's described to us. watertown, massachusetts is -- they are going through a piece of history today that they did not expect one week ago. at 10:58 in the morning eastern time we are we've been waiting for the latest information from police. we expect to get that within the next ten to 15 minutes. there was a press conference scheduled, it was delayed, no surprise about all that. there was a car that was reported a honda crv that was reported missing for some reason, it has not been clearly
7:59 am
explained yet, apparently the vehicle has been found. and now the boston globe is reporting that police sources are reporting to the the globe that that car could have been used by the suspect to flee and might have been owned by perhaps a family member of his and used to get away and abandon that car and then perhaps the suspect fled on foot. that might explain, emphasize might, it might explain why there is such a moving target throughout watertown that we've watched for the last several hours. wanted 1-800-call-fbi. martha: we just watched an interesting sequence of events. we saw ahe corner in between the starbucks and the dunkin donuts, a residential building, then we heard a blast, we don't know what the blast wasment what we do know is that just several blocks around the corner, really down in the main downtown area where there are lots of traffic lights and lots of banners across the middle of town in watertown, that seems to be where all of thes

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